Our Prices

For a fair dealing with our clients, we price our translation, editing and copywriting services per page, providing that each page consists of 200 words.

The prices of our translation services depend on the following factors:

  • The technicality of the text: Specialized texts that need special knowledge of the field are priced slightly higher than average everyday texts. These texts include medicine, engineering, technical manuals, legal texts, software localization, etc.


  • The urgency of your project: urgent projects are priced higher than those with a relaxed schedule. However, having enough staff, we can usually handle reasonably big projects at average prices. Therefore, what is “urgent” for other service providers is just “business as usual” for us.


  • The size of your project: big projects are usually given discount. However, we guarantee the best prices in the market and the most cost-effective service when it comes to quality and turnaround.

The prices of our proofreading and editing services range between 30-50% of the translation rate, depending on:

  • The quality of the text at hand and how much of expert intervention it needs,
  • The urgency of the job, and
  • The project’s size.

Consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services are usually priced per hour/day. The equipment needed for interpretation is priced per hour/day and also the number of attendants/devices required.

In any case, you can always ask us for a quote, sending us either your project or a sample of it. Our project managers will review the project/sample and immediately provide you with a quote that covers the cost and the time required to finish your job.

You will always find that you have received the most cost-effective service in the market.



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