Welcome to MGU Transalation Services

At MGU Translation Services Kampala, we believe that “Translation is like a woman: if it is beautiful, it is not faithful. If it is faithful, it is most certainly not beautiful.” The biggest challenge that faces any good translator, then, is to succeed in striking a balance between faithfulness to the original text and the beauty of the final text which should look and feel as if it was written in the target language. This needs a unique combination of talents, skills and education.

With extensive experience in the industry, MGU Translation Services prides itself on having developed a pool of translators and linguists who can strike that delicate balance to achieve the highest customer satisfaction levels.

Based in Kampala - Uganda, one of the world's most bustling cosmopolitan cities in Africa, MGU Translation Services positions itself in the center of this challenge, where only the best can survive. To meet this challenge, we depend on our qualified professional translators who have mastered the art of translation in every walk of life.


Beside our group of in-house linguists, we have also developed a worldwide network of the best translators who only translate into their native language, covering the world’s major languages. It is true that in Uganda the market is mainly for English-French and French English translation, but other languages are not less important. Beside the major world languages, we have also linguists who can translate into and from more than 150 languages used around the world.

The quality of our work, combined with our smooth, client-focused, round-the-clock service, has gained us the loyalty of key accounts in the government and private sectors alike. These clients trust us and know that we would always go the extra mile to meet their most demanding expectations.

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