Our Quality Assurance Policy

the translation to make sure that the meaning and the spirit of the original is maintained. Finally, an editor would review the translation for any possible grammatical mistakes, typos or ambiguities. Passing through the hands of three professionals, the final product will always meet the industry’s highest quality standards. 

In reasonably big projects, our technology-savvy translators would use our latest Computer Aided Translation (CAT) software, which ensures consistency throughout the project even when translated by several translators. Therefore, we proudly stand behind every single job we do!

However, quality is not just about delivering the best work. More often than not, it is also about WHEN you deliver it! Kampala is a city which is always in the move, with a hectic corporate environment where businesses struggle against time to meet their tight deadlines. To be their distinguished service provider, you should be able to run as fast as they do, and to be there with their assignments, even before they expected it.

This is the promise and commitment of MGU Translation Services!


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